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Counselling & Psychotherapy


“I started with Elaine for two main reasons, for help navigating coming out to the people in my life and to seek help with feeling stuck and anxious. Throughout our time I found reasons deep behind my anxiety as well as ways to take power back in my life. I was able to come out successfully and I feel much more open and capable moving forward."


"I have worked with Elaine on and off for a couple of years, and all I can say is wow. Elaine is a fantastic therapist who has helped me navigate some of my life's most challenging, complex periods. Working with Elaine has been life-changing, she has helped me better understand myself, my patterns, and my behaviours. Elaine has a very gentle, compassionate approach, which I appreciate. I am a highly sensitive person, so I thrive when in a supportive, safe environment, which Elaine creates with ease. I recognise that I am very in touch with who I am as a person as I work in a field similar to Elaine's, yet she has helped me to uncover parts of me I never knew existed. The deeper I understand myself, the more I can set myself free from many unhelpful ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. I am so grateful for Elaine helping me reach into these dark places with a loving hand.
Elaine always made me feel understood, supported and held, which is crucial when you're discussing things that can upset you. Nothing was off the cards in our sessions, which is a big deal for me as I find it hard to share parts of my life with anyone. Our work together has helped me to heal from childhood issues and binge eating disorder. My anxiety no longer takes over my life, I have grown so much in confidence, I no longer allow people-pleasing tendencies to rule my business and life (this has been life-changing) and my relationship with my partner has completely changed in the best way as I have healed the parts of me that were controlling and insecure. Therapy is one of the greatest gifts you can ever give yourself, if you're on the fence, give yourself a chance. You're in the safest hands with Elaine."


“Best therapist I've had in my 20 years of therapy. Great at actually listening to what I say and understanding. Very reliable for appointments and very accommodating, always understanding if appointments needed to be changed within a reasonable time of notification."

EFT Tapping


 "I've found the experience of EFT with Elaine to be hugely beneficial and enlightening. Sometimes things are holding you back in ways you cannot articulate, and tapping really breaks through those issues, in a calm and effective way. Elaine's approach is very holistic and gentle, always with her focus on you and what will work best for you. Highly recommended."


 "I spent several months talking to Elaine and finished with a more positive mindset than when I started. Elaine's ability to teach me EFT tapping techniques has helped me enormously with my anxiety and stress levels. I’d highly recommend Elaine"
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