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Do you struggle with anxiety? Do you notice negative thought patterns and behaviours leading to avoidancepanic attacks or catastrophizing? Do you have an inner critic frequently putting you down?

I help individuals experiencing anxiety to quiet their harsh inner critic and begin to speak to themselves with more self-compassion. We will work at a pace you are comfortable with towards reaching your therapeutic goals. I provide a non-judgemental and safe environment for you to explore your thoughts and emotions.


I support clients in discovering their trues selves once again, whilst working together through challenges that are there on the way. I use an integrative approach to best suit the needs of the client which is grounded in humanistic modalities. This is where I use empathy, display unconditional positive regard and show congruence, along with integrating CBT techniques. I acknowledge the mind and body connection, especially as trauma gets stuck in the body. If the client wishes I can guide them through EFT tapping in our sessions, EFT involves tapping specific points on your own body while talking about how you are feeling. It has been proven to lower stress levels in the body even faster than traditional forms of therapy. 
I would be honoured to facilitate your journey.

What to expect in therapy?

  • We will start by identifying the issue and planning the goals you want to achieve

  • Together we will discover the root cause of where your triggers are coming from

  • I will help you challenge your unhelpful thinking habits 

  • You will learn how to speak to your self with more self-compassion rather than agreeing with the inner critic

  • If suitable we will create a ladder of the steps you want to face/achieve in small achievable steps

What are the fees involved and length of sessions?


  • Each session costs 60 euro

  • Sessions are 50 minutes long

  • Available for online over zoom or in person in Dublin city

  • Sessions are weekly on the same day and time each week

  • You can also purchase a package bundle of 6 sessions for 340 euros

If you are interested in starting therapy please don't hesitate to book in for a free discovery call (see below) where I can answer any questions you may have and see if it's right for you.

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