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Lush Hills

EFT Tapping 

EFT, which is an abbreviation for Emotional Freedom Techniques, is a combination of tapping on meridian points on the body and talking about the emotional issue you have. It can help to release limiting beliefs, negative emotions and self-doubt. The practice believes that negative emotions you experience are from trapped energy in the body.


By simultaneously tapping on the meridian points and focusing on your thoughts and feelings it clears the blocked energy and alleviates the negative emotions associated with the issue. Like the layers of an onion behind each feeling is often another so the therapist guides the client through the tapping process to get to the root cause. The client will then reprogram positive affirmations, release what is needed, and  incorporate their new beliefs.

Clients frequently report feeling lighter, calmer or like a weight has been taken off them after doing EFT.


  • I offer one 60 minute session for 70 euro

  • Or a package of 3 EFT Tapping sessions for 180 euro to be paid up front

  • Available for online over zoom or in person in Dublin city

If you are interested in starting an EFT session or have any questions can book in a free discovery call with the button below.

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